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Crushed: A Daughter's Memoir of a Hoarder

When her father suffered a debilitating stroke Melissa learned why she was never allowed to visit the family home she had spent her childhood in. Among the wreckage of his hoarding were boxes of expired food, furniture stacked upon furniture, and buried beneath the mess, her lifeless cat.

Her story and pictures, featured on CNN’s Larry King Live segment “Hoarding,” reveal what can happen when a man buries himself alive and leaves his daughter to clean up the mess.


Wayward Tales of a Renegade Grandmother: Or How to Send a Car Off a Cliff When You Need an Alibi

Have you ever driven your Buick down the sidewalk, like a low-rider, to pick your grandson up from High School? Ever loved your brother so much you tried back a car over his fiancÚ so he'd stick around? Ever worked as a cookie picker and set your false teeth on the conveyor belt so another woman would scream when she picked them up? Ever broken into your boyfriend’s house to retrieve your false teeth from beneath his mattress? Ever sent a car sailing off a cliff to create and alibi?

My grandmother has and these are her positively true wayward tales.