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Recent, Current, and Near Future Reads

The books I'm reading and the periodicals I keep current on...



The Ticking is the Bomb: A Memoir 
Lucifer at the Starlite
Voluntary Madness:
Lost and Found in the Mental Healthcare System
Norah Vincent
Unbearable Lightness:
A Story of Loss and Gain
Melissa quotedde Rossi book event

The Year of Magical Thinking
Joan Didion
An American Radical:
A Political Prisoner in My Own Country
Tiger, Tiger: 
A Memoir


Literary Journals

McSweeney's - west coast quarterly journal contained in beyond creative packaging
ZYZZYVA - a journal of west coast writers and authors
one story - one great story in the mail every three weeks
Poets&Writers - supporting poets, writers of fiction and creative non-fiction
Narrative Magazine - a nonprofit organization dedicated to storytelling in the digital age
Electric Literature - bi-monthly anthology of short fiction
Prick of the Spindle - online quarterly for fiction, poetry, drama, nonfiction, interviews, articles, literary reviews, independent short film and visual art